Three Things You Need to Know If You Want to Own This Semester.

This semester has been brutal.

“I can be in AUSA and keep up with my classes!!!” said no one. Ever.

With a full class load, four 15-20 page research papers, and three new ministry initiatives on campus, this has inarguably been the most strenuous semester in the last four years of my undergraduate experience.

Couple of weeks ago, when I was playing Bible Roulette during my morning devotions, (it’s when you’re desperate for an answer and turn to a page in the Bible at random and read the first verse you lay your eyes on. Don’t do it.) I came across a verse which caught my attention:

Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name, lead and guide me. – Psalms 31:3

In the middle of a chaotic week, this heartfelt plea of King David gave me strength. I want to pose three provocative queries from this verse in hopes that the answers you find will encourage you to barricade through these two weeks and come out as a victor.

#1 – Know who is leading.

Psalms 31 is a distress call to God from David. The fellow had been inundated with personal and public stresses up to his nose and literally cries out to God in this psalm. But in the midst of all his issues, David recognizes that he was ordained by God and it was because of Him that he was a monarch in the first place. He knew that it was GOD who was leading and navigating his life. Therefore he cries out to his God and not anybody else.

Who or what is going to lead your life this semester? Is it school? Is it your own resilience for success? Is it your B.A or M.A? Your career? Or is it your Heavenly Father?

Know who wants to lead you.

#2 – Know why He is leading.

David fascinates me for his shameless audacity. He confronts God and challenges him at His word. “For the sake of your name,” he dares, “lead and guide me.” Since God promised earlier that He would lead David (Psalm 23:3), David now holds God accountable. He knew that if God were to fail to lead him and guide him as He had promised, it’s God’s reputation at risk. Not his. It was God’s credibility that was at stake. Not his. It was God’s leadership that would be in question. Not his. David knew that God was going to lead him because God promised he would.

God’s leading in your life is not contingent on your necessity to be led but on the sincerity of his promise to lead you.

Know why God is going to lead you.

#3 – Know where you will live.

Where you live affects how you live. In Psalm 33:1, David mentions where he dwells: “in YOU, O Lord, I have taken refuge…” From the get go, David decides to abide in God. God was his refuge, his dwelling place, his room, his crash-pad, his man-cave. It’s from that backdrop that he cries to God. He went to God to vent to God. God was his refuge in the midst of his tumultuous life.

God wants to be your Place before he wants to be your Provider.

God wants to be your Refuge before he wants to be your Redeemer.

Know where in whom you ought to live.

With three 15-page research papers, an assortment of assignments, and an array of exams all in the ensuing weeks, I simply cannot see the light at the end of tunnel. However, I want to believe that if David, who was confronted by death threats, insecurity, and arthritis, came out the other end as a victor in God, I have something to look forward to myself.

I know God will lead me through these final weeks. I know He will lead me because He promised He would. I know I will abide in Him as I do my best.

Do you?

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