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Applications Closed! Thanks for applying. All applications are now being reviewed.

Greetings: Thank you for the interest shown in wanting to become a member of the Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) Senate for the 2013-2014 school year! The AUSA Senate is an excellent way to be involved and make a noticeable difference on campus by representing the ideas and concerns of your constituents.
Please note that simply applying for a position is no guarantee of obtaining it; there is an election process through which students from the district they are running for will choose the individual they feel can best represent them. Candidates for Senate should be prepared to handle the added responsibility of this respected position on top of their academic studies, and demonstrate steadfast commitment to the organization’s mission.

Positions Available: There shall be up to a total of twenty-four senators: six districts from the community, Lamson Hall, Meier Hall, and University Towers respectively.  District senators are elected only by those students that live in their district/hall. Furthermore, each senate candidate shall represent his/her own district, and address each of their constituents concerns.

•The districts in Lamson Hall are as follows:
•Basement Floor (1 Senator)
•First Floor North (1 Senator)
•First Floor South (1 Senator)
•Second Floor North (1 Senator)
•Second Floor South (1 Senator)
•Third Floor North (1 Senator)
•Third Floor South (1 Senator)

•The districts in Meier Hall are as follows:
•First Floor East (1 Senator)
•First Floor West (1 Senator)
•Second Floor East (1 Senator)
•Second Floor West (1 Senator)
•Third Floor East (1 Senator)
•Third Floor West (1 Senator)

•The districts in University Towers are as follows:

South Tower (Burman)
•First Floor (1 Senator)
•Second Floor (1 Senator)
•Third Floor (1 Senator)
•Fourth Floor (1 Senator)

•    Community districts will have 6 Senators

Qualifications for Candidacy: Candidates for AUSA Senate shall meet the following qualification requirements:
•Be a dues-paying member in the AUSA and a registered AU student
•Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00
•Not be a stipend employee of the AUSA Cabinet
•Be available at 8:00 P.M Monday Nights for Senate Meeting

Running for a District that is not your own: If you would like to run for a district that is not your own, please follow these simple instructions. When you turn in your application please turn in a sheet with the room numbers and signatures of 10 residents of the district. This will show that you have sufficient support to run for that district.

Campaigning: All students who apply for an AUSA Senate seat are encouraged to campaign. Campaigning does work! Many students have voted for candidates that they did not personally know. If you believe you can do a great job serving your school and representing your constituents, let them know!

Candidates, please note: Please take time to carefully answer all of the following questions on the attached application form. We strongly suggest that your response be properly written in a clear and logical manner. Remember to convey your ideas in detail.

If you have further questions concerning the application or election process please contact the AUSA Vice-President, Roshan at  Elections for districts will take place on-line from Septermber 11-18, 2012. Tell anyone else who interested in being a Senator to fill out a form too!

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