Ryan Comeau

First things first, I want you to know what type of person I am before you decide to cast your vote my way or not. I am a junior this year and I am studying theology to be a pastor someday. I love listening to and making music. You will realize this soon after meeting me because I often put things into song (life needs to be a musical). I always enjoy a good story. Whether I am telling it, hearing it, reading it, or seeing it, I love it. If elected, you will undoubtedly hear quite a few stories from me when I get up in front of you to speak. I love spending time with people, so you are more than welcome to get to know me, whether I am elected or not, or even if you decide to vote for me or not. I love people due to my love for God.

This is my third year at Andrews, and I would say I have been around long enough to have a fairly decent opinion about activities and programs that this campus has to offer. Before I begin, I would like to state that any change I hope to make changes that will be best for the students, because I care about their walk with Christ. Honestly, I have relatively few complaints about the services that are available now, but I do wish we had more variety on a regular basis. Yes, that would probably lessen attendance at University Vespers, and perhaps it will cause anxiety to those like me who struggle making decisions (which vespers do I go to??), but I believe having a variety of options on a given Friday night would be ideal. I also love it when I see a fellow student walk up to the speaker at events. I would like to see more students at the platform at vespers, chapels, etc. If God has placed a burden on your heart to share a message, I want to be able to give you the opportunity to share it. I am also more than willing to hear what you have to say about our spiritual programs, and would do my best to have programs that will best reach the student body.

I have always loved people and wanted to help, so when I was in high school I ran, and won, for class pastor freshmen, sophomore, and junior year. While holding this office, one of the most important experiences I had was planning class vespers services. The reason I was not class pastor my senior year was because I went the next step up to being student council pastor. In this role, I learned responsibility, in planning consistent, weekly chapel programs. Another important thing I learned was to rely on others for help. One man cannot do it all on his own, he needs a good team, and through this I learned to be a good team-player. I worked with them about what parts of chapel they wanted to help with. I did my best to attend to their talents so that God would be able to use them in the best way possible. This was incredibly helpful in that it opened up my time to work with our youth pastor, who was our campus ministries sponsor, regarding speakers and larger events, for example spiritual retreats and week of prayers. This helped me open my mind to thinking on a larger scale than I had before. It also helped my team see their potential and rise to become great leaders.

When I graduated from high school, I have helped with the junior division in my local conference’s camp meeting, the Village Church’s Pathfinder club, and the Well Sabbath School, where I have led out in worship talks and discussions. This past summer, I worked at my home church as the temporary youth pastor during their search for another one. During this experience I was able to lead out in Sabbath Schools, organize teaching schedules, write curriculum for certain Sabbath Schools, plan a number of events, and receive more experience speaking in front of people. I also got experience with the “boring” stuff, such as emailing leaders, filling out reimbursement forms, and other office-like business. Even though it was not all excitement, I loved every minute of it.

Ultimately, I am praying for this campus, and I want God to place the right people in the right positions. Whether that is me or someone else, I still wish the best for this campus and will follow God’s will for what my role on campus will be.

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