Major/Minor: Double Major Animal Science and French Studies
Platform: University Towers
Profile/Project title: Reduction of food waste in the Cafeteria

Background: The idea for this project came about after food waste was discussed at Thursday Series towards the beginning of Fall Semester. My roommate who works in the Cafeteria told me that perfectly good, extra food, that is not eaten, is usually thrown away. This bothered me because there are homeless people in our surrounding communities that are in need of food. Then, through the help of some of my peers, I was introduced to a program called Campus Kitchens (check out in which you can work with your school to use the extra food to serve the homeless community.

Aim: I would like to at least try to get a foundation for this program started on this campus and get people interested in getting it to continue once I’ve graduated. Also, before the end of the semester, I am hoping to get a sculpture put up in the Cafeteria to demonstrate the amount of daily food waste by the student population.