Mikal Harrington Brown

My name is Mikal Harrington Brown; I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and am running for Executive Vice President for AU Student Government. Committed to service, I am confident my experiences and talents will benefit our campus as I participate in public office here at Andrews. Experienced as a student advocate, having served both at  Northstar Christian Academy  and South Lancaster Academy in student government; I am familiar with students’ concerns, and am able to listen to and share them with our school’s administration, organize and execute student activities, and garner overwhelming support of the student body to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. I believe my skill sets and personality will be positive contributions to student government here at Andrews, in a strong but positive way.

Throughout my own educational experience, I have held leadership roles, which have helped me understand what it means to be a service leader and a positive role model. These positions have allowed me unique opportunities to share students’ concerns, understand and convey administrations’ perspectives to the students, and help to negotiate an amicable resolution.  I have also had the pleasure of understanding why policies, rules, and institutional decisions are made and have helped to communicate this to the students I represent.

To be an ambassador of any group requires specific attributes: the knowledge that all things are possible through Christ’s leading, personality trait of caring, the professionalism of confidentiality, the team spirit that fosters and supports diversity, and knowhow and experience are significant qualities as is the passion that is noticeable in demeanor and one’s own life experience. These characteristics I possess, because I am passionate about my faith, Andrews, fellow students, organizational ethics, and Christian education. Being an advocate for students and being able to present our collective thoughts about our concerns is important to me.

Some of my experiences as a student leader include: Asst. editor, class pastor, National Honor Society President, and Student Association President. I believe that my participation and success in those roles have given me the knowledge, and experience, to represent current students at Andrews, as well as make shared-decisions that will inevitably promote school pride, and benefit  future students.

As your Executive Vice President I believe that the focus of SA should not just be planning social events on or off campus. While I do believe that this is an important role here at Andrews, overall student involvement on all levels is critical. I would like to see an expanded role for us as student leaders; for example, I see AUSA becoming a voice for many of the concerns that students face as dorm and commuter students. Some of these are addressing local and immediate conditions in the dorms, creating an avenue to funnel some academic concerns, addressing issues relative to our cafeteria, and other concern about overall student life.  Addressing these concerns would require working more closely with the Senate that has already been initiated by the current AUSA.

Some attainable goals for Senate consideration may include improved communication with community students, the students in the dorm on their hall, increased attendance to meetings, and a more streamlined agenda that will bolster support and efficiency during the meetings. Finally, I envision increased and consistent communication with the general Andrews community. I believe that AUSA could be one of the most powerful student voice on campus, to inform students about on and off campus information.  As Executive Vice President, I believe that a critical remedy in remedying a disconnect is inclusion of a working agenda where various means of networking, including social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook  will be put into action to inform students about events, thus motivating students through information continually, throughout the semester and the year.

In conclusion, I solicit your support to make me a part of AUSA. Please help me to be your representative to continue to improve the quality of student life here at Andrews University. I want to work with you to provide students with a more student-centered spiritual, social, and overall uplifting experience. It is my hope to continue some areas and change and improve other areas what will benefit us now, but to be enjoyed by the students who follow after us. I urge you to give me your vote so that as Executive Vice President, I can take your questions and concerns to the administration of this campus.


Your fellow student,

Mikal Harrington Brown

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