Melodie Roschman

It’s easy to forget that change takes time. When I got up on the HPAC stage at the beginning of the year I had a collection of big promises about this year’s Student Movement, and it took me a semester to realize how hard some of them were to achieve. We didn’t break a revolutionary story every week. Our plans for technological integration were continually delayed. I dealt with missed deadlines, distribution problems, bad weather, lost interviews, and all the struggles that I was warned would come with the job.

I still think, however, that we’ve had a fantastic year so far. Circulation is higher than it’s been in years. We’ve broken records for social media involvement and increased student feedback. We premiered a brand-new section, Humans, which has profiled dozens of students and made quieter voices heard. We even beat every local news agent to covering the Honor Credit Union bank robbery and campus lockdown!

We couldn’t have done any of it without the team of more than 50 writers, photographers, editors, and designers that work to put out this paper every week. They are what makes the Student Movement great.

If I’m re-elected Student Movement editor, I’ll start the job with a year of experience. We’ll hit the ground running together and be able to build on the quality and innovation developed this year. My experience working with both my newspaper staff , the AUSA, and the administration means that I’ll be ideally equipped to communicate your concerns, questions, and ideas to whoever needs to hear them. Together, I hope we can focus on becoming more digitally integrated, covering aspects of campus that are often ignored, and digging below the surface to talk about what really matters on campus, whether it’s PR-approved or not.

In August this year, I dared you to move. Now, my request is simple: together, let’s keep moving.

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