March 7 Request

A request from the Andrews University Adventist Peace Fellowship Chapter (AUAPF), in collaboration with the officers of the Andrews University Student Association (AUSA) and Black Student Christian Forum (BSCF);

To the Executive Committee of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists:

In light of the national conversations surrounding race and race relations over the past year, we have become increasingly concerned about the lack of clarity regarding the administrative separation of our church conferences along racial lines in the North American Division.

We understand that there are many strong and diverse opinions on this issue. Even within our own group, there are opinions as to whether restructuring should even be sought; and opinions regarding how restructuring could be appropriately accomplished.

However, one thing on which we all agree is that the present structure seems peculiar. Without explanation, we worry about how it looks to the outside world. We worry about how it looks to us.

Therefore, we request that the North American Division do one or both of the following:

  1. Form a Commission tasked with developing a strategy that culminates in the restructuring of our conferences by the year 2020;
  2. Release an official public statement, to be passed at the North American Division Year-end Meeting in the fall of 2015, clearly explaining why we maintain the current organizational structure.

This request is presented with the hope of reconciliation, in a spirit of deep regard for the sensitivity of this subject, profound respect for church order, and earnest desire for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through this unique Adventist movement.

This request is supported by the officers of the Andrews Ministerial Association (AMA), African Student Association (ASA), Andrews University Religious Liberty Association (AURLA), AULL4One (A41), Caribbean Nations Club (CNC), J. N. Andrews Honors Program, Korean American Student Association (KASA), Phi Alpha Theta, Pre-Law Society, and Saving Oppressed Servants (SOS).

To show your support as an individual, share this request any way you can. The request was first posted to the Andrews University Student Association Facebook page and can be easily be shared from there. If you would like to add your support as a group or an organization, please contact APF Representative Łukasz Kryzwon at

This request was jointly crafted by the officers of AUAPF, AUSA, and BSCF, and is hosted here for easy access.

This request was originally presented at “A Forum on State and Regional Conferences” on March 7, 2015, an event organized by AUAPF, AUSA, and BSCF. A full video of the forum can be seen below.

For a thorough history of Regional Conferences, we recommend alumnus Michael Nixon’s post on Compass Magazine.