Livvy Knott

We are the flagship institution of the Seventh-day Adventist school system. We have a name with a legacy. We are known and internationally recognized for our diversity. We have a reputation for excellence.

We are a school of extraordinary students. We are artists, doctors, preachers, scientists, politicians, researchers, leaders. We are smart, talented, creative, collaborative, hilarious, driven, and we are here together.

We are Andrews University.

I am running for President because I am proud of who we are.

I believe I offer the following things to this position:

  • Theory – As a Communication Major and Leadership student, the responsibilities that I am hoping to assume are those which I learn and study about every day.
  • Practice – I have served as an AUSA Senator—during which time I had a large part in drafting and editing the current AUSA constitution—and currently work as a RA in Lamson Hall. This January, I just completed a two-year term as the Executive Secretary for a non-profit organization called GYC.
  • Connections – I am friendly. This has led me to be personally acquainted with a high percentage of the student body. I have also attended Andrews for 15 years (starting in kindergarten) and I have developed a good relationship with much of the faculty in that time.

Partly, I am running for president because I would love it and because I would be great at it.

Mostly, I am running for president because I love Andrews and think that we are great at it, at this place, that it exposes the greatness in us. I would love to help us continue to be who we are.

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