Cody Wales

How does one characterize servitude? A dictionary would tell you that it is the lack of liberty of oneself. However, is that how it should be defined, or is there more?

My time at Andrews University has provided many opportunities for leadership. I have been privileged to serve in a number or roles that have strengthened and refined by abilities as a leader. The School of Business Advisory council has, twice, provided me with the opportunity to serve; first, as a representative, and now as an officer – treasurer. Additionally, I am currently the Chairman of the Student Academic Integrity Council, focusing on the development of a new policy for the students, by the students. Most crucially, I have been privileged to serve you as the Business Manager and Recreation Center Manager for the Andrews University Student Association throughout the current school year. I have worked closely with Jonathan Jacobs and the Student Association team, and have gained valuable knowledge of the inner workings of such a group – something that is invaluable for those wishing to serve as the President.

There is bountiful potential amongst the student body, and for you: potential to excel academically, for exceptional athletic ability, deep religious connection with God, and for powerful relationships that shape Andrews University. It has been the mission of the current Student Association team to facilitate the growth of this potential, and I aim to carry on this legacy so that you, as an Andrews University student, can reach your full potential. Working together, we can continue to work toward a unified campus where, instead of isolation, departments and individuals are united in a common bond.

If given the opportunity to serve you as the President of the Andrews University Student Association, I will work tirelessly to strengthen relationships on our campus, to ensure that your time at Andrews is utilized to its full potential, and to put to use the financial resources provided to the Student Association in a way that will both achieve a balanced budget and help the student body to have the most memorable year possible. My aim is to be instrumental in establishing a culture that emphasizes sustainable change, and will better Andrews University not only now, but for many years to come.

What then is servitude? I would define it as a the selfless act of putting the interests of others head of your own, and working without ceasing to ensure that these goals are accomplished. My name is Cody Wales, and it would be my privilege to serve you as President of the Andrews University Student Association.

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