Bryan Baldwin

Are you tired of empty promises? Are you tired of the typical “cookie cutter mold” student leaders? Are you tired of constantly not seeing change at this university? I do not know about you, but I sure am. My name is Bryan Baldwin and I am here to represent you.

You might ask yourself, how do I break the mold and offer a fresh perspective? While pursuing my degree in Social Studies with minors in History, Political Science and Leadership, I have gained a unique skill set that enables me to approach a vast array of problems and find innovative solutions. I believe that the past gives us the keys to defining better solutions for the future. I am currently implementing my unique perspective as secretary of Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society. Through my involvement with the leadership program, I have learned that leadership does not need to come from the “cookie cutter mold,” but that it can come from ordinary people like you and me.

However, my most important qualification I have gained from my passion of various sports is the essential value of teamwork. AUSA is an important team, as it gives voice to you, the student. I want to make sure that your voice is being heard and that you are part of the AUSA team. This is why I have chosen to run for AUSA President, to represent you.

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