Alex Gaytan

Andrews University is a prestigious higher education institution that has provided me with the opportunity to discover my potential for leadership. A very impressive characteristic of Andrews University is the great quantity of different organizations, clubs and ministries that are available for students to get involved and grow.

This school year, I have had the honor of holding leadership positions for several organizations on campus.  Currently, I serve as the president of the Pre-Law Society, which is designed to assist its members in exploring the option of a legal profession as well as to prepare pre-law students for a career in law.  Members are provided with resources that promote the understanding of law, including trips law schools, LSAT preps, and events that provide intellectual stimulus.

I have recently been elected as president of the Political Science Honor Society, also known as the Phi Sigma Alpha. Serving in this capacity for the Andrews University Political Science Department has given me the experience of working with a team to create a vision and a plan of action as well as the opportunity to work in close relationship with the faculty of this department.

During the summer I joined Free Intelligent Conversation, a group that traveled weekly to Chicago with the purpose of this promoting that people all people have the capacity of having intelligent conversations by reason that we all come from different backgrounds and therefore can share experiences and learn from one another. People we talked to embraced this vision and last semester this group was accepted at AU as an established organization, Free Intelligent Conversation, in which I currently serve as Public Relations officer. Through Free IC, I have learned to communicate more efficiently with people of all demographics and most important I have learned that everyone is able to communicate something intelligent and knowledgeable in their own way.

As co-director of the Andrews University Vespers I have had the opportunity to gain experience in the planning and preparation of programs. The range of responsibilities in this position includes coordinating worship teams, speakers, and stage presentation.  It has been a blessing to serve alongside a passionate and dedicated team. Each week the UV core team meets to discuss student needs and plan each vespers with careful attention to detail to provide students with a medium and experiences that will build faith and a closer relationship with Christ.

These leadership positions have provided me with ample experience in delegating, coordinating, communicating, and executing in a collaborative effort.

There is no better time than now to find a safe place to have revolutionary ideas in which together, we can create something unique and special by preserving the integrity of an organization such as AUSA that can be socially, intellectually, and spiritually fulfilling. AUSA may incorporate events and projects to enrich this campus that are not only recreational but rewarding and fulfilling to students. It is my desire for our student body to enhance the legacy of AUSA by creating a positive and long lasting impact in the community as well. As undergraduate students we have learned to think, cooperate, listen and fulfill dreams.

The vision that AUSA and its elected leaders have pursued is an integration of resources and people so that we may establish a collective approach. The question is, are we going to help or hinder this progress? If you give me the honor of serving you as President, I will continue to promote a vision that unites the people of this school with the simple profound belief in opportunity for all students, association with one another, and a better relationship with Christ. Establishing synergy with both the AUSA leadership and the student body can only do this. Our potential and resources are vast; they only need to be utilized.

My name is Alex Gaytan, and I humbly ask that you vote me for AUSA President to lead the charge in promoting these endeavors with God as our foundation.

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