Alex Angellakis

                I know what it means to be disappointed. Some wouldn’t necessarily call my college experience a normal one. Personally this school has been one of many victories. God has continuously helped me follow my dream of attending Andrews University, yes I said attending. Up until this year, I have never been at Andrews for two consecutive semesters. The fall semester started with faith but ended in doubt. To be honest, it has been a personal struggle financially in attending Andrews. Much like many of my fellow students, when the semester begins, so does the frantic race to get cleared (And I mean FRANTIC). For the last few years, that race has ended in last place. There have been many let downs but even more blessings.

                Physically I would cringe at the phrase “financial clearance,” but now, all that comes to mind is perseverance. Often things don’t go as we plan, but it never ceases to amaze me that God always has a plan. Through those difficulties, the Spirit works on the heart. In the midst of the journey, God has given me some crucial experiences that make me a valuable asset to the AUSA team, let me list them out.

                I have learned of the many possible back spasms that occur as a landscaper, have rigorously fought over strict sale prices with customers as a grocery store clerk, discovered what the term “elbow grease” meant when a dishwasher, was reminded at how unbelievably heavy carpet is, and what it means to work with all types of character traits. Not what you were expecting eh? When I said experiences, I meant life experiences. Most of my experiences have been in my daily interactions with everyday people. Much of my walk with God has been developed through those experiences.

                On campus, I have focused on supporting and tenaciously working alongside already established and effective ministries. This year I have been apart of the University Vespers follow up team and assisted elsewhere when there is a need. There have been many opportunities to testify of God’s tender mercy and unquestionable grace, and the Lord has blessed.

                My focus in ministry is synonymous with my conversion. Christ showed me His love through the compassionate and praying friendship of a Christian. My passion is in building and extending the friendship and prayer ministry of Jesus Christ. The reason I am applying is because of the call I’ve received to be unyielding, more transparent and to surrender to the will of the Lord. Please trust me when I say, I am so far from perfect. Just like all others, if not more, I make mistakes. There are many stipulations that come with Theology majors, and I would like to explain slightly. I do not see myself as greater than any other but simply more in need of Him who is greater.

                The tract record shows that hard work is nothing new and I am available. With Christ, I am ready and excited to work alongside a group of students in leadership on this campus. The experiences I have obtained outside of Christian circles and the exposure to life on and off campus have given me practical assets that would benefit AUSA. By the grace of God I am here at Andrews to stay. Although the struggle continues, I am blessed to say that so does the Lord’s Mercy. God’s grace is unyielding and with Him I am unwilling to give up. My weakness will be outshone by God’s strength.

                I encourage all students and faculty to keep us candidates in prayer. Seek the Spirit in your decision, and humbly ask the Lord to be in control. No matter who wins, know that God is in control. When it’s all said and done, our involvement on this campus is not determined by position but simply by willingness.

Your fellow (bearded) student, Alex Angellakis


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